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Semel s.n.c. was born in 1973 when its owner decided to convert from a workshop supplier to a manufacturing enterprise. An opening in the knitwear and ready-to-wear garments industry emerged, and Semel launched itself onto the market with small-diameter circular machines and accessories for checking knitwear garments.
Since then, growth and development has been steady for a company always alert to the demands of the market, and able to satisfy customer’s requirements.


As a parallel development, Semel also make known its name in go-karting, thanks to new ideas emerging from the auto equipment industry, and the company’s access to long experience in that area.

An international network of agents means the complete range of machines is available worldwide.

We would like to thank all our Customers, who trusting in Semel, have contributed to our growth, enriched our experience, and helped the company to become a world leader in the field of needle braiding machines and go- kart tyre changer.

Our products


Tyre changer

Product Description

The “BABY” tyre changer is the result of the experience accumulated over the years by a long-established manufacturer combined with the technical know-how of specialists in the field of tyre service equipment.

This unbeatable combination has created a product with professional features wich everyone can afford.

Light, small and easy-to-use, this machine is essential for karting aficionados and operators.

Designed and built in compliance with EC safety standards and the most recent international accident-prevention directives, this machine has an outstanding operating capacity due to the special shape of the bead breaker and tyre changing tool, designed specifically for the 5-6 inch diameter wheels used on karts.

The application of the most advanced manufacturing technology and Semel's experience give this product and added value that will remain constant over time.

  • Height-adjustable manual bead breaker.
  • Manual-lock wheel support plate.
  • Double rotation direction wheel support plate that can be controlled either manually (mod. BABY-M) or by electric motor (mod. BABY-E).
  • Standard power supply requirements: 220V / 50Hz / 1Ph. Power consumption: 0,11Kw. Versions for the use with different supply voltages available upon request.
  • 5”- 6” diameter wheels (Kart), with width from 110 mm to 270 mm.
  • BABY-M weight 25 kg, BABY-E weight 33 kg.
  • Dimensions: 420x440x620 mm.

Inflating tires belt

Product description

Avoids sagging of the internal plies of the tyre when you are forced to use the kart at inflation pressures of over 3-4 bar.

I. Maximises tyre performance.

II. Facilitates inflation by easing the tyre bead onto the rim.

III. Increases safety during inflation thanks its retention action.

  • Can work on any wheel width, with diameters of 230mm to a maximum of 300mm.
  • Belt width 80mm.
  • Belt weight 1Kg.

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